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We need your support to continue telling Latin American stories in audio.

That’s why we just launched a new membership program: it’s a way for you to contribute with Radio Ambulante’s sustainability, while also receiving additional benefits in exchange. We want to create new podcasts in Spanish, cover more places across the continent, and your help is key to make it happen. Each contribution, no matter how small it may seem, is highly valuable for our entire team. Thank you, ambulantes!

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Membership Benefits

Level 1

$1-36 per year

Illustration with a customized 'thank you' message

Level 2

$36-99 per year

Everything in level 1, plus

Sticker pack for WhatsApp

Acknowledgement on the website

Customized wallpapers and virtual postcards based on the illustrations of our episodes

Level 3

$100-499 per year

Everything in level 2, plus

Access to the stories before they're published

Discount on our online merch store

Dedicated newsletter to give you early access to relevant news, additional content and new shows by Radio Ambulante

Access to a monthly members-only group call with our team

Level 4

$500+ per year

Everything in level 3, plus

One on one, 15-min office hours sessions with members of our team, where members can ask questions or provide feedback about the project.

Be selected to read the credits of an episode

A dedicated care package, including Radio Ambulante merc